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The next generation
Mixed-Media Production company

Pronounciation: /kəˈpaʊ/

Storytelling + new tech

In KapOow we strive to develop innovative entertainment concepts for the next generation media consumers. We make every effort to break new ground by developing concepts that combine new technology with our passion for storytelling. This involves continuously observing the younger generations and their media habits.

Our goal is to make concepts that really give you a highly modern and engaging experience. We are proud to be collaborating with highly skillful scientists. In order to make entertainment for the next generation that is an absolutely necessary alliance to make.

Concepts in development

They Came

A concept developed to engage the audience using second screen technology.

Our current collaborators

The KapOowsers

Thomas Lunde

Thomas Lunde

CEO, Director & Partner
+47 472 54 958
Martin Ødegaarden

Martin Ødegaarden

Creator, Concept Developer & Partner
+47 916 68 423

Joachim Nilssen

Joachim Nilssen

Head of Gamification, Producer and Partner
+47 970 55 920

Geir Bergersen

Geir Bergersen

Head of Technology, Tech Advisor & Partner
+47 480 34 183

Want to know more?

We are always look for great ideas, unique minds, investors, curious media and inspiring collaborators – So please, drop us a line!